Examples of Zetaris Apps



Market RadarĀ is a Zetaris map-based exploration engine. Detailed customer transactions by category, location and time can be visualised on an interactive map for data discovery. Additional population data such as ethnicity, income and discretionary income is presented as layers for further insights. Store location, floor plans and related points of interest help to identify hot spots for potential retail location. Market Radar is useful for any advertiser/retailer who needs strong analytical support for geography-based decision-making.



Event Detective is a Zetaris user journey analysis tool. Purchase behaviours or events can be detected over the lifecycle of a major consumer purchase and displayed on an interactive pathway. Events are determined using transaction triggers and data sets that describe factors such as search behaviour and are assigned a probability by stage. Event detective is the perfect way to validate qualitative research and hypotheses with large volume and real event-based data analytics.