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Insights boost ROI on Big Data Analytics
How Actionable Insights Boost Your ROI on Big Data Analytics

When it comes to big data, it’s not uncommon to get so caught up with individual figures that you lose sight of the big picture. Often businesses get overwhelmed with the idea of ‘big data’ by trying to look at the data individually, rather than what the data is saying. According to IDC Research, total global revenue for Big Data and Business Analytics will reach $203 billion by 2020. With such a significant growth predicted, it is essential businesses understand how to truly leverage data analysis to create tangible results and meaningful return on investment.

Turning Big Data into value for your customers

The true value of data is not how much you have, but measured by what you do with it. The ultimate value for firms comes from marrying this unstructured data with the structured data that already exists within the firm and doing it in a timely and focused way, driven by application needs. Only then can you personalize customer-facing applications across the customer life cycle, draw connections between customer behavior and business events, such as billing cycles or new product launches, and generate targeted analytics that reveal opportunities to drive profit.

Data Analytics Insight Marketing
Analytics platform targets global market with new Head of Product Marketing

Big Data and Analytics platform Zetaris, turns its focus to spreading the word of its Lightning Virtual Data Lake and to further develop their marketing strategy by appointing Stephanie Collis as Head of Product Marketing & Communications. Stephanie brings with her a versatile breadth of knowledge across digital, above-the-line, and direct marketing, and her experience in market analysis and strategic marketing is seen to play a key role in the anticipated growth of Zetaris.

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