What We Do

Exploit Our Tools to Rapidly Build Applications that Access and Join All Types of Data


Our easy-to-use Alchemist tool lets business users build analytical workflows that mix and match data operations and data sets to produce a diverse range of analytical products.

Zetaris Lightning  gives you a uniform  view across  different databases and lets you use SQL to access data no matter where it resides. Lightning chooses the fastest way to obtain data from each database  and then lets you join data across them.

We make unstructured data, such as email and social media, accessible alongside the structured data in company databases and data warehouses, leaving the data in place where possible.  We can process large volumes of data and generate analytics at the speed needed for real-time business applications.

Use Our Pre-Built Zetaris Apps to Rapidly Meet Your Business Needs


Our pre-built Zetaris Apps are solution packages that include the platform, the business rules, the data models and the visual products needed for you to rapidly generate insights for your business to act on. We can implement many of them with minimal modification for your environment.

Zetaris Apps exist for common needs such as analysing customer churn, customer sentiment and customer loyalty. Industry focused applications include  risk analysis, internal fraud detection  and profitability scoring for financial firms.