With Alchemist, it is no longer difficult to build impactful and beautifully formatted reports. Stand out among the others and show the true value of you and your data with automated visualizations and interactive reports that tell the whole story, and seamlessly collaborate with your team within the one tool. Many business users' skills don't include knowledge to access data for analytical queries. Providing tools that enable end-users to easily generate data products using pre-existing queries and real-time data sets into an analytical workflow allows the everyday user to be less reliant on the time of data scientists and significantly improves the time-to-value.


  • Single view of all data sources
  • Data insights publishing tool
  • Draw and present insights from data without SQL and technical skills
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Scales to support thousands of users
  • Stories

    An Australian 'Big 4' bank wanted to enhance the banking experience for its business customers and provide a solution to help drive business growth and success. With petabytes of data and varying types of data, the bank struggled to find a way to share and communicate all this data and the value of it, in a way that customers with little or no technical knowledge could understand. Alchemist unifies all this data, presents it to their business customers, and allows them to create workflows and reports that can help them make smarter, data-driven decisions, and as it sits on top of our Enterprise Data Fabric Platform, they are able to access their data in real-time. Alchemist allows the bank's business customers to access personal and shared bank data and draw insights with an easy-to-use tool, so now the business customers can gain a greater understanding of their business and market and use accurate, real-time data to their advantage to help grow their business.


  • Interactive Data Visualization
  • User & Group security rights and permissions
  • Drag and drop report builder
  • Seamless integration with third-party programming softwares

  • Get Alchemist as part of the Zetaris Enterprise Data Fabric Platform.


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