Make your next project a success by starting with better quality materials. Zetaris understands that to get precise, actionable insights, you need to start with clean, well-organised data. Archetype helps you get there. A fully-featured quality and exception management platform, Archetype gives you the tools and guidance you need to better manage databases of any size. Designed from the ground up for extreme performance and flexible scalability, Archetype is ideal for businesses of every size, growing with you as your needs change over time.


  • Data quality and exception management solutions to support data compliance regulations
  • Toolkit and methodology to ensure highest data quality when moving data
  • Business-led approach to data management and consolidation
  • Pre-built industry application templates
  • Stories

    For a large fashion retailer, the chance to be able to intelligently clean their data in real-time was extremely attractive. With gigabytes of clickstream data streaming in as well as transaction and customer loyalty information needing to be processed, being able to know with certainty that even if a user had input their name in several different ways (i.e. with a hyphen and without), employees would still have a complete picture of each buyer’s activity, trackable against a single name. Archetype helped this business optimise the assortment of their next store faster than could have been imagined, completing the project in record time and helping them meet the opening window of the new location.


  • Tight data governance to meet regulatory requirements
  • Integrated Metadata & Data Dictionary
  • Applicable to both Structured and Unstructured data

  • Get Archetype as part of the Zetaris Enterprise Data Fabric Platform.


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