Make your business truly data-driven. Zetaris Lightning Database is built on state-of-the-art massively parallel processing database technology, delivering industry-leading load speeds up to 10 times faster than our competitors. Designed from the ground up to provide the extreme performance and flexibility the modern, data-driven business needs, Zetaris Lightning Database is the perfect primary or adjunct storage solution for any business looking to improve its analytics capabilities. Build faster connections between your business’ points of data and make your organisation truly agile.


  • Extreme performance analytical database engine for structured data
  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) database technology
  • 10x faster than GreenPlum, Vertica, Teradata
  • Used for data warehouse “off-loading”, deep analytics, data discovery
  • Simultaneous ELT processing and data analysis as part of the data factory process.
  • Stories

    For a job recruiting site, the ability to have a single rapid access point for all of their diverse data – from gigabytes of clickstream data to resumes and ad responses – was too attractive to pass up. Traditional data warehousing options were too slow and too inefficient for their needs, leaving them waiting on complex ETL processes when they should have been analysing client data. Zetaris Lightning Database helped this business transform the way they interacted with job seekers and employers, allowing them to get closer to their goal of being a category leader.


  • Hadoop and Spark ready with direct access at query runtime
  • Latest Postgres ORDBMS
  • Remote parallelism including remote parallel scan and parallel distribute
  • Local Parallelism in each data node (ex. Local parallel sequential scan by integrating PostgresSQL9.6.0 in advance).

  • Get Zetaris Lightning Database as part of the Zetaris Enterprise Data Fabric Platform.


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