Unearth the power of data fabric in the cloud


Zetaris is the world's only true data fabric technology built with IoT and Edge Computing in mind.

  • Connects all your diverse data points

  • Access your data live in real-time

  • Keep your governed data secure with no data movement

  • See all your data in one user-friendly interface

  • Drag-and-drop SQL query builder

  • Multi-structured, multi-data type query optimization

  • Universal schema store

  • Built-in SLA and high-performance caching and materialization

  • Cloud native and 12 factor technology

  • Depended on by thousands of users

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    30-day free trial


    We are working very hard on making access to our products easier for you and we will be launching our 30-day free trial soon. If you want to be notified when this 30-day trial license is available, please fill in your details and we'll keep you updated.