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Analytics platform targets global market with new Head of Product Marketing

JULY 14, 2017

The numbers keep accelerating for revenue, and staff, as Big Data and Analytics company Zetaris, turns its focus to spreading the word of its Analytical Virtual Data Lake

Following the announcement of a new VP Sales & Operations earlier this week, Big Data and Data Analytics mover Zetaris, look to further develop their marketing strategy by appointing Stephanie Collis as Head of Product Marketing & Communications. Stephanie brings with her a versatile breadth of knowledge across digital, above-the-line, and direct marketing, and her experience in market analysis and strategic marketing is seen to play a key role in the anticipated growth of Zetaris.
“Stephanie brings deep expertise in marketing, social media engagement and corporate communication,” Vinay Samuel, Founder and CEO states. “Our customers love the product and what we do, and it’s time to reach a global audience with our Virtual Data Lake value proposition. With Stephanie’s leadership, we will bring our Zetaris Lightning Virtual Data Lake to the wider market in Australia and across the globe.”

Recognising the advantages of expanding and diversifying their team and skillset, Zetaris has grown from five to over 30 employees in a short three years, spread across their Melbourne and Sydney office. With ambitious targets set for the future, and their focus now on the global data market, the success story of this up-and-coming company is a reflection on the strong customer relationships that have been built through the quality of their solution. Now it seems the focus is turning to getting that story out.
Stephanie acknowledges, “the key factor that drew me to Zetaris is that they have put a lot of focus over the last couple of years ensuring that their solution is what the market needs, and is of the best quality. This dedication to their product is now paying off and being validated in the market, seen by their discernible growth. It’s definitely an exciting prospect for me to be able to come in now with the confidence that I am promoting a product that we can prove is a high-quality solution that can help our customers provide the best value to their customers.”

About Zetaris

Zetaris is an analytics software company with deep expertise in data analytics, information management and new big data technologies, offering products allowing you to analyse your business’s data and draw insight that can be used to be more responsive to market needs and trends.

Simply speaking, Zetaris is the next generation enterprise data warehousing and analytics platform which deals with ‘big data’ in the Cloud as a service. The Zetaris Platform is based on open technologies, which operate in harmony with its existing client technologies, whatever they may be.