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Reinventure’s strategic investment in an up and coming Australian Big Data software disruptor

AUGUST 7, 2015

Australian VC firm, Reinventure, invest in next generation Big Data analytics software company - Zetaris

VC investment firm Reinventure has made a strategic investment in Zetaris, an up and coming Australian Big Data software disruptor. Zetaris have created the Zetaris Analytics Workbench - a Prescriptive Analytics Workbench for creating powerful Big Data applications for all industries.

Reinventure’s Managing Director, Danny Gilligan, was delighted to announce the investment stating, “We were on the lookout for new and innovative technologies that address the current and future needs of the financial services industry in the area of big data analytics. Zetaris has proven through deep evaluation and real-world projects in the banking sector that the technology presents a clear advantage to businesses who seek to find the hidden gems in their data. This was a unique investment opportunity which helps deliver on the Westpac commitment to finding new and disruptive ways to address the needs of its customers for better servicing, products and advice.”

Today, new data sources generating large amounts of information are emerging online on a larger scale than ever seen before. The imminent arrival of the internet of things, and a flood of consumer generated content, systems reporting and device sensor information will fuel a projected exponential annual growth of Digital data over the next decade.Businessesare increasingly turning to new architectures and new tools to understand and derive value from the "big data" phenomenon.

Zetaris is a privately-held, fast-growing provider of disruptive machine learning and artificial intelligence driven data analytics technology.Using cutting edge and optimised open-source technologies along with the Zetaris Analytics Workbench, businesses are able to perform the analysis of disparate data, sourced from traditional feeds through non-traditional social media data types, to understand their customers and engage at levels not previously possible.

Vinay Samuel, Founder and CEO of Zetaris said, “Our product makes the process of building highly valuable big data solutions simple without the need for expensive infrastructure and armies of PHD level resources.  Zetaris’s potential to disrupt the analytics market and ability to enable new powerful financial services applications was what attracted Reinventure.  Using deep analysis and providing actionable information aboutcustomers, Zetaris will take banking services to the next level.  With our analytics software,the banking sector are ableto help customers identify the right investment strategies and lending facilities to suit their personal wealth plans.”