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Data industry veteran appointed as VP Sales & Operations

JULY 12, 2017

Data platform industry veteran, James McCarthy, sets sights on optimizing growth for Big Data and analytics catalyst

Next generation data warehousing and virtual data lake platform player, Zetaris, have announced that ex-IBM, Netezza, Oracle and MarkLogic sales leader, James McCarthy, has joined as VP Sales & Operations. Strengthening their sales team, McCarthy has been brought in to expand upon the successful launch phase and continue to breakthrough and capitalize upon the data platform market.
“The common challenge with realizing business value from big data projects and the growing demand for the application of data science techniques, has been the complexity, time, and costs associated with the consolidation of data,” McCarthy states. “What excites me about this opportunity at Zetaris is that in a very short period of time, the value of their parallel-processing database has been proven and validated across a wide variety of use cases and clients.”

The last two years has seen Zetaris build out an enterprise grade automated platform capable of handling any type of data in the stream, lake and database. A key factor in their exponential revenue growth is their Zetaris Lightning Virtual Data Lake; a solution providing a converged data platform for mixed workload solutions and has been keenly welcomed into the ANZ market.

Vinay Samuel, Founder & CEO at Zetaris reflects on the success of the Lightning Virtual Data Lake Platform. “We’ve experienced tremendous growth as a result. Now it’s time to double-down and accelerate by bringing in senior technical leadership. James brings a strong solution sales focus and is well-armed to take Zetaris to the next level of revenue growth and market penetration.”
The ever-evolving landscape of data analytics and an increasing demand from customers is a challenge that Zetaris is ready to satisfy. McCarthy’s appointment is a sign of Zetaris’ commitment to being a leading and disruptive company in the big data and data analytics industry and providing high quality solutions for their clients.

About Zetaris

Zetaris is an analytics software company with deep expertise in data analytics, information management and new big data technologies, offering products allowing you to analyse your business’s data and draw insight that can be used to be more responsive to market needs and trends.

Simply speaking, Zetaris is the next generation enterprise data warehousing and analytics platform which deals with ‘big data’ in the Cloud as a service. The Zetaris Platform is based on open technologies, which operate in harmony with its existing client technologies, whatever they may be.

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