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Analytical Virtual Data Lake leading Data Virtualization into the 4.0 era

AUGUST 7, 2017

by Vinay Samual
CEO & Founder, Zetaris
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Analyze all your data in place, at lightning speed, without moving it

Fast, complete analysis of "cross business" data through data virtualization provides you with the strategic information about customers, products, and operations, to make your organization competitive and dynamic in the market.

Data is in different silos across the organization and is hard to bring together with existing technologies. Many organizations, with legacy technologies (even Data Lakes), have failed to integrate their enterprise data because physical movement and joining it is difficult and costly. Old data integration methods slow analytics adoption and restrain the ability to address this challenge.

The premise behind traditional approaches is to move all the data into a data warehouse or data lake, model it for consistency, and then, and only then, be ready for analysis. This approach is valid if you are building an analytical capability that will only ever need a limited and static amount of data sources.

The underlying concept behind the traditional approach is that one needs to move the data to the query in order to extract the insight. Whether the data source is a stream or a lake (or data mart), physical integration for analytical purposes is slow, manual and costly.

Contradicting traditional methods, data virtualization brings the query to the data, creating a virtual metadata layer that allows organizations to virtually join data across the organization in real-time, at low cost and high-speed, saving millions in cost and time.

The ability of Zetaris' Analytical Virtual Data Lake escalates analytical data virtualization in to the 4.0 generation by joining and analyzing data in disparate silos, without duplication to another system. By accessing structured and unstructured data where is lives, organizations are presented with a real-time, single source of truth of their data.

To find out more about how Zetaris' Analytical Virtual Data Lake can transform your data, please contact us.