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Founder & CEO, Vinay Samuel named top 30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017

NOVEMBER 8, 2017

Data Analytics Insight Marketing
by Vinay Samuel
CEO of Zetaris
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Zetaris - The Leading Data Platform Digitizing Your Enterprise

Driving global success with the leadership of one of The Silicon Review's top 30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017

Zetaris is changing the way organisations manage, wrangle, join and analyse data. With its leading analytical data platform, customers can connect to, organise, transform, analyse and visualise data across different data sources without moving it and with minimal need for deep technical skills. Through artificial intelligence, automation, workflow management and analytical data virtualisation, Zetaris enables analytics over data that is disparate and dispersed in many different data stores. It’s a virtualised analytics and automation software solution that dramatically saves time and cost while opening up the possibilities of actionable insights to everyone.

A Firm Foundation for Flourishing Rapidly

Since the establishment of the company in 2012, the Zetaris platform quickly generated interest among high-profile investors such as Exto Partners and Westpac’s VC Fund, Reinventure. The aptitude and conviction of challenging the status quo of Vinay, Zetaris’ founder and CEO, has fostered Zetaris into a multi-million-dollar corporation as well as a major disrupting force in the Australian big data industry enabling new, powerful, self-serving data analytics for leading tier 1 enterprises.

Zetaris’ objective is to create disruptive business insight for its clients. The company achieves this through rapid development of its platform leveraging open source. The pre-built Industry Core Accelerators provide the data models, algorithms and datasets to help clients hit to ground running and see valuable and actionable insights faster and accurately. While the analytical data virtualization software is capable of handling multiple data types and sources with minimal data movement and lightning fast advanced analytics.
Harbinger of Data Analytics

Vinay Samuel, CEO: Vinay is a forward-thinking Victorian entrepreneur and a pioneer in “event-based analytics” and parallel database technologies. With a proven track record in nurturing start-ups, Vinay’s 20+ years’ experience has been cultivated through developing leading Big Data and Information Management companies such as Netezza, Greenplum, Vertica and Gridmatics. His deep knowledge of business management, data warehousing, marketing, and big data have been a driving factor in his success of utilizing data-driven strategies to produce sustainable advantageous solutions for worldwide tier 1 organizations.
Future Vision and the Challenges Ahead

Zetaris’ current focus is on expanding its availability in the online marketplace. The company is supporting this with product launches on AWS Marketplace toward the end of 2017. Furthermore, it will continue to roll out additional product offerings in early 2018 on Amazon, other online marketplaces, as well as freemium products.

The rapidly-growing startup has a strong strategic focus on scaling out to the global data market, with key partner engagement already creating interest. The company is currently planning expanding its presence with offices in South East Asia and America, as well as implementing a Global Partner Program to align themselves with channel, industry, and technological partners.

Although there is a solid focus on globalization, their product development is on an exciting path with work being done to launch its newest product, MiAX (Machine Intelligence Application Exchange). MiAX is artificial intelligence for business intelligence.

Zetaris products have been validated in the market and have already experienced massive market interest, and with increased brand awareness and product offerings the inherent challenge of offsetting the additional customer influx with company growth requirements, all while keeping their Lean Start Up culture strong is always at front of mind.

Over the top of its visualization and automation tool (Alchemist) and analytical data virtualisation software (Lightning), Zetaris Industry Core Accelerators are pre-configured software components and data models that provide instant business value as soon as the data is available. It’s these benchmarked industry products that make Zetaris the fastest time-to-value solution across all industries.

Product Outlook: A Comprehensive Tailorable Solution

Zetaris offers an all-in-one solution helping clients easily share data across their organization, see new insights, and extract hidden value in their data. Using cutting-edge technology, the Zetaris platform allows for the analysis of your data with the objective of reducing the time-to-insight, and therefore allowing businesses to be more responsive to market needs and trends. The self-serving capability of the Zetaris platform not only simplifies the sharing of data throughout large enterprise infrastructures and departments, but provides easy integration of internal datasets. It is a tailor made solution that can be easily implemented independently, or supported by Zetaris’ leading advisory and delivery consulting services. The end-to-end platform can be provided as the full solution or broken down in to modulized products:
Zetaris is the Choice of Premium Companies
Qantas: Qantas needed to understand its non-loyalty customers as well as it does its frequent flyer customers. Its ability to do this was hampered by the information being scattered across the organization. Zetaris tapped structured information (such as customer booking records and demographic data) and unstructured information (such as email and social media) to develop an integrated view of the non-loyalty customer. The initial analysis was completed within 6 weeks and has supported a range of initiatives across the full customer life cycle.
Westpac: Westpac chose Zetaris to develop a customer insights and data analytics offering that helps its merchants make more informed business decisions about their product, marketing, customer relationships and operations. Westpac believes in working collaboratively with its merchants and wanted to offer them sophisticated, curated analytics rather than just the broad brush-stroke data reporting offered by many of its competitors. Zetaris was considered the perfect fit for Westpac because of its highly scalable and lean approach coupled with its advanced analytics and data visualisation capability.