Saving lives of Australian children through technological innovation

Melbourne, Victoria

Zetaris hosted a booked-out breakfast event focusing on how the Enterprise Data Fabric is transforming the way organizations use data - and in this case, the healthcare and medical research industry.

Featuring guest speakers from Murdoch Children's Research Institute, one of the top five largest child health research institutes world-wide, the partnership between Zetaris and "Generation Victoria (Gen-V)", a world-first initiative bettering the lives of Australian children, was the topic of the room. Zetaris’ Enterprise Data Fabric Platform is the core technology driving the success of the 40-year longitudinal cohort study, implementing a solution for digital harmonization to help serve not only the Australian population, but world-wide research cohorts alike.

Through the development of the Gen-V LifeCourse Data Repository, this world-leading project will provide a way to gather multiple distinct sources of data together, consistently and flexibly organize large volumes or data, and provide access to curated data for analysis. The challenges however, are the shear volume of population data to be accumulated over the 40 year span of the cohort, and the disparity of the data sources and formats. The Zetaris Enterprise Data Fabric Platform’s design methodology for implementation of their logical data warehouse has a major impact when working across 20 years with an unknown set of data sources.

I don’t think you could get a better approach to do it. This is simply elegant. Addressing the research domain, this is the first-time research at this scale has been done. The challenge is simply massive. To make it tractable like this is an extraordinary accomplishment.

Michael Stringer, the Big Data Project Manager for Gen-V has a breadth of knowledge around long-term database storage and traditional SQL databases, having previously worked with longitudinal databases with tens-of-millions to hundreds-of-millions database structures. However, even Michael knew that for a project as large and long-term as Gen-V, another solution would be required.

If you want to work with data in an optimum data structure at a practical level, you need a next generation SQL database. Out-of-the-box SQLServer, or out-of-the-box Oracle can’t do it. They just can’t handle the large volumes and the best data structure for long-term storage. With Zetaris’ MPP SQL database, FusionDB, we’re absolutely confident it will last and scale over the 40 years.

Gen-V, an ambitious and some-what audacious initiative, is designed to solve pressing child health problems such as obesity, learning and academic disabilities, and mental health disorders, as well as preventing the epidemic and chromic conditions (eg: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety, and cancer) affecting Australia’s ageing populations. To achieve this, fast, large-scale, responsive, and readily-applied whole-of-system research approaches are needed. This is where the importance of technology comes in to play. While other research cohorts across the globe have contained model components within Gen-V, none have been carried out at this size and complexity.

“We’re trying to balance absolute innovation and uniqueness, with realism and pragmatism,” Professor Melissa Wake, Gen-V Scientific Director. In an initiative that is designed to connect data from all the ways people interact with existing services such as questionnaires and clinical assessments to government immunisation records, and GP and emergency department clinical records, spanning the Victorian population over 40 years, and bring in all in to one coherent pile with 100% data management and no data duplication

We need to have an efficient system to transport millions of data and research. Zetaris is all about data connection and not duplication

It was certainly an exciting morning to see just how far this project has come in such little time, and to see where the future of children's health is heading through technological innovation.

A big thank you to our guest speakers Professor Melissa Wake and Michael Stringer, who Zetaris has been honoured to work very closely with over the last few months in launching this project.

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Stephanie Collis