Stop “Shadow IT” by giving business users what they want, now!

Vinay Samuel Zetaris Data Fabric Founder CEO
Vinay Samuel
In today's fast-paced business world where customers expect real-time response to everything from purchases on websites to complex customer service complaints to up-to-the-minute BI and reporting, the notion of data latency or slow data processes has become something the modern business person simply cannot tolerate.

Our customers expect you to know everything now, our boards want the reports to be up to date, and the regulator demands a single-view of compliance and risk at the highest level of quality. This expectation for high speed, complete and accurate decision support data on all, not a subset of, the data has resulted in most IT Departments being unable to keep up with the demands of the business. More significantly, this has proliferated the continued growth of "Shadow IT", whereby the business sidesteps the corporate IT department and builds their own solution.

Gartner concluded that Shadow IT is 30 to 40 percent of IT spending, and Everest Group showed us that it comprises 50 percent or more of IT spending.

So, what can be done to stop Shadow IT?
Shadow IT happens when the demands of the business cannot be met by the corporate or internal IT division. The simple answer to this important question is to find a way to change the information management development and processing framework such that the IT department can be more agile and responsive to these demands.

The reason that corporate IT struggles to respond to the needs of the business is that, in most cases, they are deploying traditional non-Agile technology. In fact, the common approach to provisioning data to be used by BI tools and other data driven applications is to move or copy data from where the data currently exists (where it was created) into flat files, staging databases, data marts , data warehouses or data Lakes.

It can take months to design and create the ETL processes required to extract, translate, and load data into physical platforms. Data is replicated across digital ecosystems and becomes redundant and inaccurate. Also, by putting the data into a single platform or system for further processing, the actual system performance to support end user applications can be challenging.

This traditional approach of physically replicating data from one part of the organization or ecosystem into another analytical data platform is slow, fraught with human error, subject to machine generated error and ultimately the cause of shadow it because the business wants better.

The alternative to the traditional approach to data management is the Enterprise Data Fabric which enables organisations to join data virtually and leave it where it was created at the source. IT Departments that deploy an Enterprise Data Fabric enjoy the ability to connect to data, where it lives, join it across the network virtually without moving it and provisioning fabrics to support business applications including BI reporting, data driven and big data applications. Creating a Data Fabric is much faster and simpler due to the fact that there is no data movement or duplication needed to create the view of the data that supports the business.

Zetaris is the leader in Enterprise Data Fabric technology with it’s analytical data virtualization and real-time data transformation capabilities, bringing to market lightning fast real-time query performance for joining data in different silos in real-time whilst implementing it's unique data integration approach & software, fluid data modelling (an AI assisted framework for automatically developing a business semantic view (that’s query-able) on all the data regardless of which silo it is in). We don’t move the data, unless you really (truly) want to. Not only will Zetaris enable you to join data in different places in real-time, it will enable you to ensure the highest level of data quality and integrity.

The business benefits are massive including up to 10 times faster data project delivery, one-fifth of the cost of infrastructure and database technology, 100% data quality and 6 times the speed of query compared to data processed within a single data platform (the traditional way). Our heterogeneous query optimiser is the "secret sauce" behind the ability to join data in different shapes in different places across the network without blowing up your systems or the network itself.

IT Departments can accelerate the ability to build data driven applications by avoiding the old “move or copy the data” approach. Deploying an Enterprise Data Fabric means simply stitching together data in different places and joining in real-time, whilst applying all the data quality, governance and business rules.

This means that the business needs are met much faster giving no opportunity for shadow IT alternatives to surface.

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