Lightning is what sets Zetaris apart. A cutting-edge analytical data virtualization software layer built on a intuitive SQL interface, Lightning empowers businesses by viewing all their data within a single user-friendly platform, wherever it’s stored, eliminating the need for complex ETL (data duplication) pipelines. Fully compatible with your existing on-premises and cloud data storage solutions, it’s the flexible, easy way to build a complete, gapless picture of what your organization knows. Do away with complicated toolsets and lengthy data source integration processes and choose Lightning to help you access your data in-place and in real time, and make faster, better informed decisions for your organization.


  • Data caching and materialization for SLA and performance requirements
  • True hybrid data processing for varied analytical workloads
  • Joins and analyses data in silos without duplication to another repository
  • Features multi-structured, multi-data type query optimization
  • Data not required to be pre-joined or centralized

  • Stories

    For a major airline, Lightning means being able to find loyalty patterns in data about consumers who are not listed as a loyal customer. But how do sort one previously anonymous customer out from billions of points of transaction and check-in data? The data to understand this “non-customer” traveller behavior was everywhere – in the organization, across the web, in partner databases, in the stream and hidden deep in lakes of dark data. What they needed was a way to bring it all together. As the data was distributed over a number of geographically disparate locations, physically centralizing it was impossible. Lightning helped bridge the gap, giving them a way to connect all of their various data sources together under one interface.


  • Analytical Data Virtualization with a fully compliant SQL interface
  • Rules-Based Optimizer: pushdown predicate, leveraging native optimisation
  • Cost-Based Optimizer: JOIN Order based on statistics
  • Custom Conduit: Leveraging DBMS specific IO optimization
  • Data Location Transparency
  • GraphDB integration
  • UDF (User defined functions for algorithm and model expansion)
  • Runs queries appropriately across different platforms and selectively using memory and SSD

  • Get Lightning as part of the Zetaris Enterprise Data Fabric Platform.


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